Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mustache Contest

Amy and I went to a Victorian Day for fun last weekend. Quite a few people were dressed up, making Amy jealous that she didn't have an old time dress.

We went to tea,
and there were buggy rides; including one with a dog.
But the real reason we went was for the mustache/facial hair contest.
There were some strong contestants,
including the guys who started the Great American Fierce Beard Organization (GAFBO) based in Lansing.
The one guy took fourth in the world competition, but he didn't do anything to get ready for this competition. That opened the door for me winning "Best Creative use of a Mustache or Beard as a Medium of Artistic Expression." My brother-in-law suggested the whip:
There were about 15 entrants and 6 winners; which gave me a pretty good shot. But there were was fancy facial hair.
We went out to eat and to the Avengers that night, which made Amy uncomfortable even though my facial hair was award winning. To placate her, I cut it down to just the stache.