Thursday, July 30, 2009

A taste of Los Alamos

We were lucky enough to stop by Los Alamos for a couple days earlier this month. It is a pretty area. Nick and Jenny had only been in the house about a week when we called them at 10 pm Friday night telling them we'd be there early in the morning. They stayed up late organizing and it looked pretty good when we knocked on their door shortly after 7 am.

The yard has lots of potential--Nick already had a bunch of stuff planted, of course. They have a cool sun room where we ate. But I'll try not to steal Nick's thunder too much.

We had some good food, as usual, and Nick even gave me a sampler pack of his canned salsa (is it still called "canned" when it's in a jar?). I'm already done with over half of what he gave me--GOOD STUFF!

Here are some pictures of the action. Sorry for the poor quality, there was a big smudge on my lens.


Friday, July 17, 2009


So Katie and I have both been running. We are so awesome.

We were partially motivated by Nick's progress in fitness. We started out running in the evening about 3 times a week. (One at a time, so there's someone with the kids. You know - parenting and all that.) A few weeks ago, we decided that we would start running in the morning instead of the evening - so it takes double willpower. We each run every other day, but we still get up on the off day to do other exercise. For example I am working towards one hundred pushups.
My goal is to break 21 minutes in a 5K before it gets too cold to run. Katie's goal is more realistic.

In other news, I passed my latest exam. It took me three tries. That's 5, so 4 more to go.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phone envy

I'm writing this post with my new phone. It's the new LG enV (pronounced 'envy') touch. While it's not quite an iphone, I think its the next best thing- I'm typing this nearly as fast on the touchscreen as I type on a regular keyboard, and it opens up to reveal a qwerty keyboard with a second beautiful screen. I'm sure smartphones, iphones and blackberries are old news to everyone, but I had to share my excitement with someone, and it might as well be you.

By the way, I've been working on a los alamos post for a few weeks now, so stay tuned...