Thursday, July 30, 2009

A taste of Los Alamos

We were lucky enough to stop by Los Alamos for a couple days earlier this month. It is a pretty area. Nick and Jenny had only been in the house about a week when we called them at 10 pm Friday night telling them we'd be there early in the morning. They stayed up late organizing and it looked pretty good when we knocked on their door shortly after 7 am.

The yard has lots of potential--Nick already had a bunch of stuff planted, of course. They have a cool sun room where we ate. But I'll try not to steal Nick's thunder too much.

We had some good food, as usual, and Nick even gave me a sampler pack of his canned salsa (is it still called "canned" when it's in a jar?). I'm already done with over half of what he gave me--GOOD STUFF!

Here are some pictures of the action. Sorry for the poor quality, there was a big smudge on my lens.


JennyW said...

It was so fun to have you guys come by! We pretty much feel like Los Alamos is in the middle of nowhere, so thanks for making the detour from the 75mph freeways ...

And you forgot to mention that yummy strawberry sauce Heather made. Lucy wanted pancakes and french toast for a week :)

Nick said...

I'm so lame. I have all these notes and pictures for my LA post, but I'm just too lazy to put it up. Did I say lazy? I meant busy.