Friday, April 21, 2006

On self-plagiarization, et cetera

I have stolen my words and published them elsewhere!

But don't you worry, Jared fans. All of my posts are still here. You see, Salsa Night is not my first attempt at blogging. I had a rather lackluster blog called "Movies + Restaurants = Life" that I started last November. The idea was that I was going to review movies and restaurants. It didn't happen; it was too constrictive and I never posted.

Salsa Night, however, has reawoken the blogging spirit in me. So I started up a new one that gives me more freedom. I do intend to continue posting here, I just wanted an independent outlet as well. And since I did like a few of my posts here a lot, I went ahead and did a little copy-paste action. Many of my future Salsa posts will also appear in both forums. However, there will be many (I hope) posts from my new blog (Fruit at the Bottom, by the way) that may not make it here. So feel free to check it out.



Jenny said...

Wow--you're brave Jared. I can barely keep up with one blog. Self-plagiarism if completely called for here. (It looks great by the way!)