Saturday, September 09, 2006

First Do No Harm

Although normally a content and happy child, I am beginning to believe that Lucy desires to do herself harm.

No matter how hard I try, she keeps on bumping into/falling off of/getting stuck in things. And that's with the house as babyproofed as it can get and still be used as a dwelling space for sleep-deprived adults.

Did I mention she's stopped sleeping? I think that's also part of her plan. (And a very sad one at that: you know it's bad when you got better sleep when she was three months old ...). Either she wants to be so tired that she increases her chances of hurting herself, or she want us to be so tired that our cognitive skills (i.e., our ability to recognize potentially hazardous situations) fail.

If I say that I feel like I'm on a suicide watch, can we all understand that I'm not trying to make light of suicide in general but rather take that implied metaphor as an indication of the physical and emotional drain of these past few weeks? Good. Thank you.

I better go. She's off.

(I just looked at the book that I gave her from our bookshelves to keep her occupied and the title made me giggle in a oh-I'm-tired-but-this-is-amusing kind of way: King Lear. Maybe that's trying to tell me something....)


Nick said...

Just be glad you didn't give her our copy of "Throw mama from the train"

Julie C said...

I guess this tendency never ends. I was watching our friend's kids so they could go to the temple, and the 3.5 year old little girl had a bandaid on her finger. Her mom told me that she had found a razor and proceeded to repeatedly slice her finger ... then she came out to her mom on the white couch and told her "I did something bad Mama." So anyways Jenny, I guess they just continue to survive!

PS I still remember something about dandelion root salad, and it didn't kill me either.

Nick said...

I thought Dandelion root salad is some kind of French delicacy. I think you can make dandelion wine too....NOT that I've ever tried...(backs away slowly)

Julie C said...

Dandelion root salad can be a delicacy, especially if you don't serve it to your little sister the day after your dad sprayed all the weeds. :)