Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fredricksons' Garden

Behold our garden. It is small, but we like it.

I realize the picture quality isn't that great, but I think you get the idea.

This is what our garden looked like around the beginning of May. The four plants are roma tomato plants we bought from the local farmers market and transplanted shortly before this picture. The picture is from the southeast looking northwest. You can also see two of our trees in the background, one of which is flowering.
We are using a method of gardening called “square-foot gardening” where you don’t plant in rows so much but think of your garden three dimensionally. We are growing peas and pole beans up strings and putting plants that don’t need so much sun in the shade of tall plants, like tomatoes. I don’t know all the details of the philosophy – Katie found it in some book.

So here are our tomato plants as of two weeks ago. We’re pretty excited. They are even bigger now. I expect about 120 to 150 tomatoes.

Here is the south corner of our garden two weeks ago. We have some mixed salad-type plants growing in the front and on the left side. We already harvested the ones on the left right before this picture. You can also see some carrots, kale, swiss chard, green peppers, and the one in the back right is a tomatillo plant.

Here are the north (back) and east (front) corners of our garden. In both cases we have zucchini in the middle. The back ones are surrounded by radishes with cucumbers and green pole beans in the back. The front ones are surrounded by spinach and green onions (both of which we have harvested). Down the right side we have sugar snap peas.

Just in the last two weeks we’ve harvested some more salad and green onions and also some radishes and peas. We’re also growing basil, oregano, parsley, lavender, rosemary, dill and cilantro elsewhere around our yard.

This is a picture of Elizabeth we took yesterday, just for fun.


Nick said...

I've been meaning to compliment you on the garden. I've been trying the vertical growing that you mentioned- at least with the tomatoes and cucumbers.

Just a note about the tomatoes- I think they like as much sun as possible. The ones I have that have the most sun are huge, while the ones that have shade half the day are scraggly with only a few tomatoes.