Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Somewhere amid all the madness of moving and family and working overtime, I had the realization that I am so very blessed. Don't get me wrong - I know I've thanked my Heavenly Father for blessings my whole life, but sometimes I felt like I was a good person - so I deserved blessings.

So why, when I am at my most harried, when I haven't read the scriptures for over a week, when I've missed some prayers, when I'm stressed and crabby and tired and occasionally blow my top at those I love, why then am I still blessed?

Maybe, just maybe, I'm not as bad as I think I am. And maybe, even more possibly, Heavenly Father loves me for trying and not just for when I think I'm succeeding.

How am I blessed? So many things.

We had the ceiling in our new house tested for asbestos - turned out positive (as in yes there was asbestos), so I had to find an abatement company to remove it. My mom (as usual) was helping me by finding a list of companies - and she helped me to find the online service that listed contractors licensed for that type of work around here. So I called the first one on the list, and they gave me a quote - it was almost half of what I had been led to expect. I called a few more companies, and their quotes were much higher. I went back to that first company, called their references, and hired them. Now, when you hire a contractor, you sign their bid and pay them half up front. I misunderstood the directions, so I didn't enclose my check. Oops - I found this out just a couple days before they were to begin - I called the company and the owner said "Don't worry - I trust you to pay me" and everything was okay. The company did a great job (even for their better price), and they finished a day earlier than scheduled. So everything just worked out right. What a blessing!

When we moved, some of our friends came over to help us finish off the packing, and also some friends came over to help us pack our truck. And then they all came up to our new house and helped to unpack it too. Friends! What a blessing!

At work, my boss decided that now was the perfect time to put me in for a promotion. I work at a pretty big company, so your manager basically presents you to the review board for promotions and they decide. The board approved my promotion right away, so I am now a level 2, with the accompanying raise, right in time for us to start having house payments. My boss really cares about my professional development and tries to help me improve myself as an employee too. What a blessing!

Last Friday, I was working out at Curves, doing the squat machine totally wrong because I wasn't paying attention. I started to hurt, and in 15 minutes it was so bad that I was laying on the floor. After an hour or so, I was sitting up, and then a friend drove me home. My mom and Dan took care of me, and I am gradually getting better. Dan even helped me to put on my socks for the first couple days. Health (and getting better)! What a blessing!

Other things, not so major, but still blessings, happen all the time. The cashier who points out the weekly coupon and saves me a few bucks; the driver who decides to let me in to their lane; finding our new house; just having things seem to go right when they could've gone wrong. For all those little things, I'm working on recognizing them and saying thank you on the spot - since I tend to forget after a while.

So I just wanted to share some of my blessings, because dwelling on all those good things and good people just makes me happy. Funny how it works just like I was taught.