Friday, August 24, 2007

Girls Gone Mild

If you have a daughter, or have a son that will date girls, or are currently dating yourself (as in you are dating, not you dating you) you should read this.

What do you think?


Cabeza said...

Jenny- Thanks for posting this. I definitely have reactions, but I want to take a bit to formulate them properly. In short, I thought it was a fascinating and mildly shocking piece. I like the author a lot and I like what she has to say. More to come, hopefully with a bit more analysis.

JonnyF said...

Very interesting…
I’ve thought about some of the same things that the author mentioned. Specifically, I had also noticed that when the sexual revolution removed the double standard of chastity expectations, the single standard that resulted was the lower one.

Some other thoughts:

- The part about PSD was hilarious and sad.
- The part about “pluralistic ignorance” explaining the hookup culture was really interesting. I think it explains a lot. I also think it emphasizes something that I believe, which is our sense of identity and purpose has to come from ourselves and, ideally, our relationship with God. When we allow the influence of others, especially strangers as in this case, to factor into our actions it is always dangerous. Actually, maybe I’ll write a separate post about that.
- I, like the author, reject the notion that the reason promiscuous girls are unhappy is because of the social stigma. I agree with the author that in most circles, the stigma does not exist. I also agree with the author when she claims that the promiscuous behavior itself causes the unhappiness, though I would like to see more details about the study she mentioned which supported that point. I guess I don’t have a lot of credibility saying that, because I am not, by any standard, an expert in female emotions. However, my personal experience with people I have known supports what I said.