Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Free Stuff

You guys are all so great you deserve free stuff.

Mind you, you get what you pay for in this case ... but oh well. We're writing cards to less-active girls tonight for mutual, and we're out of money in our budget for the year, so I made some cards for the girls to use. They're attached here for you to download and use next time you have a card emergency. There's two on a page (bonus free stuff).

Directions: Download. Print. Cut paper in half lengthwise (the way that makes sense; you might want to fold it first to get a good line). Fold each card down. Write. Mail and/or deliver.


Amy Jean said...

Bonus Cards...sweet...what is your calling? I am yw pres and we are also out of money for the year...we still have YW in Excellence to do too...so any free stuff I can get is great :)

Jenny said...

You're yw pres? So am I! How long have you been in? Funnily enough, we're also out of money for the year. I'm currently negotiating with the ym pres to "save" some of his funds for us for the end of the year. They get too much money anyway. We'll have to swap free activity ideas ... but right now Nick is waiting for me to go out and get some super nachos at Betos with him in celebration of his dissertation writing skills (he met his page goal for today).