Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Calling all ska fans!

So I don't know if this will apply to much of the readership here, but I'm trying to get as wide a distribution as possible for this.

I'm writing a paper on ska and its fans, and I created a little survey to help me collect some data. If you are a fan of ska (and only if you consider yourself such a fan), please click on the link and take the survey. It's pretty short--should really only take you five minutes or so. Thanks!

Click Here to take survey


morgan said...

Now, I realize this will show how out of touch I am, but what exactly is "ska"?

apyknowzitall said...

I'm going to probably be corrected for this but it's this cool music that mixes hard rock and jazz instruments. Think very early No Doubt (way before Tragic Kingdom.)

The Shark said...

Morgan: Wikipedia. (Sorry, I'm too lazy to type out an explanation right now).

apy: Some of Tragic Kingdom was still ska, at least in style. It was sort of the beginning of the end, though.

Other popular examples are Reel Big Fish ("Sell Out" was, ironically, very popular) and Mighty Mighty Bosstones (who also sold out). The great thing about ska music is that, once the band makes it big, they aren't generally considered to be "true" ska anymore, since one of the main tenets of punk/ska is creating music for the pleasure of music, not for the sake of business and capitalism.

Anonymous said...

few bands really mix salsa AND ska