Tuesday, July 15, 2008


At work, we all received the following flier advertising a video game competition in connection with our company picnic.

This makes me sad that the people who made this work for the same company as I do. To make me feel better, I will make fun of it.
My favorite parts:
-The implication that being Wiistracted is something to brag about.
-The awkward and unnecessary definition of "Wiik".
-The fact that Guitar Hero Syndrome and Guitar Hero Vision are not the same thing.
-The use of the adjective "obsessive" to describe a duration of time.

Also the stick figures at the right look funny to me. I don't think I'd make fun of them on their own without all the other ridiculous stuff, but given this opportunity... I guess they are representing the Wii Sports bowling and golf games and that they are drawn as amputees because there is no good way to draw the other arm. Other possibilities:

-They are playing football and stick figure #1 is about to tackle stick figure #2 (quarterback).
-Amputee #2 is giving amputee #1 five.
-Stick figure #2 is confused and thinks stick figure #1's head is a volleyball. He goes up for the spike. Stick figure #1 misunderstands what is going on and gets ready to dig the hit, unaware that he is the target.
-Captain-Kirk-Style "Rabbit Punch to the Death" competition.

Anyway, I hope this amuses you without making you sad.


randy said...

I see no picture.

randy said...

The picture is, of course, curiously visible now that I've posted a comment to the contrary...

A quick comment. We recently got a Wii. It was my wife that really wanted it, which is strange considering I'm the one with the video game history. Anyway, it is really a good time. Aside from being very social by bringing people together, we were both quite sore the next day. It keeps you on your feet and off the couch. Of course there are better things to do with your time--there almost always are.

However, I've started to notice that life (i.e. the Gospel) is all about relationships. You can build a relationship with someone doing just about anything--as long as it's together. If you're going to have relationships with people that are in need of the Gospel's light, how will you not "eat and drink with sinners"?

[How's that for a quick justification why Jon should play Guitar Hero at his company picnic?]

Cabeza said...

I don't think Jon is resisting the idea of playing Wii or Guitar Hero at his company picnic. I think he's lamenting the poor creative composition of a less-funny-than-it-thinks-it-is flyer.

And I'll have to agree with him.

And they're definitely in the Captain Kirk-style Rabbit Punch to the Death competition. It's harder for amputees, but that just makes it more fun to watch.