Sunday, July 16, 2006

Random thoughts/my life

Here are some random thoughts

My dad is in Faizabad or Feyzabad Afghanistan (NE part, click on the enlarge button on the map and you can see it). Here’s a clip from an email he sent me. “The airport in Faizabad was ruined by some (stupid) pilot who landed a plane too big for the facility and tore up the runway, or something like that. Apparently the runway is steel plates on packed dirt. Anyway, we fly to somewhere and then drive. The last 106 kilometers takes over 7 hours. It must be some road.”

At first I thought it was worse for him to be driving in Afghanistan instead of flying, but after reading about the runway I think its better that he’s driving, even if it is less than 10 miles an hour (if my calculations are right).

My mom meanwhile is in Argentina for work. She wrote “No one, and I mean no one knows the meaning of the word schedule. It is unbelievable. Time has no meaning until at least two hours past what is written.” I could have told her that.

While talking to someone in our ward who likes Frisbee, she asked me if I knew what a “The Greatest” is. After debating if you can say “a the,” she explained that it is when the disk is thrown to someone on the sideline, who is just outside in the end zone, who then throws it to the man in the end zone as he/she is falling out of bounds for a score, all in rapid succession. I said I did perform a The Greatest, when Aaron tipped the disk to me when he was out of bounds for a score. But I don’t remember who threw it. Was it Jon, or Nick or someone else?

I’m on a league Frisbee team out here. We run stacks pretty well and occasionally play zone defense. Thanks to Nick and everyone else I felt like I knew what I was doing when they were talking about playing “cup” and “end zone stack” and other such things.

Here’s how you potty train children in Japan.

Nick, after you graduate will you please be like this man.


Warren said...

Nick, I've edited this thing a bunch of times but it still won't only show one line and then the rest after you click on it. I moved around the html commands, but it hasn't worked out for me. Is there some magical way that I'm missing out on (I tried to follow the instructions you posted on a different comment section but it didn't work).

Nick said...

The "/span" thingie needed to be at the very end- you had it immediately after the "span=fullpost" thing.

It seems like that scientist is like half the scientists that I've worked with. I always end up with the wackos who try to prove 300 years of established science wrong. Right now at my old company they're trying to get free energy from magnets. Stop the press.

JonnyF said...

Mmmm, gummi Venus De Milo. Sweeeet Cannn(dy).

Jenny said...

After changing diapers for 11 months (and washing them for half of that after we switched mostly to cloth) I am very interested in toilet training.

That video was hilarious. I've never thought about the excreted substances being happy as they swim around in the toilet.

I wonder how much they paid that kid for the live action shots at the end--if Bart thought Baby Stink Breath was bad ... the poor kid ...