Thursday, November 30, 2006

Free Advice? Sign Me Up

Once again, Julie C has inspired me to post. I have a question that I really need help with. Bad. Now. Lotsa help. Pleeeaase ...

Here's the problem: I need a way to control my iMac from Nick's laptop while we're up in Seattle over Christmas break. By control I mean access files, programs, run the programs and save new files, and ... I think that's all. Is this possible? (I know it can be done, but can I figure it out is the real question. The answer to which is no. Hence this post.)

What I've found:
A program called Timbuktu that has good reviews, does what I want, and costs $200.00 (I'd need it for 2 computers and it's about $95 per computer.) Pros: established program, people like it. Cons: $$$

Two other VNC programs: one called RealVNC and the other called Chicken of the VNC (for macs). The first claims to be cross-platform, but all their examples deal only with Linux/Unix/Windows. They have a mac version of the program however. The second is a VNC written specifically for macs. Pros: neither look expensive (I think they're free) Cons: Does this actually do what I want? Is it trustworthy?

One other item: we have internet through comcast so our IP address changes all the time. I'm not sure if this would be a problem (or how to overcome it) with the VNC clients. Timbuktu lets you assign an email address to your "home" computer and then you access the computer through that instead of the IP address.

If any of you have any (any any any) insights, tips, ideas, help, advice, etc. it would be most appreciated :)


Alison said...

Well, Jenny, I actually have no idea about any of that. But we've been meaning to see if you guys want to get together to go see the lights at Temple Square. So good luck with the computer dilemma, and let us know when would be good for you.

Jenny said...

Al—I didn't see this comment until now. I actually solved my computer problem and didn't check back at Salsa Night because Nick said no one knew what I was talking about anyway and that I ought to know better than to try to mooch free technology advice.

So ... we would love to go see the lights with you guys! But now we're leaving town on Friday for the holidays ... do they leave them up after New Years? Nick doesn't have to go to work that week—even if they don't have the lights we could get together for games/dinner/midnight frisbee ...

Meanwhile, I'm desperately trying to finish up all this work stuff before I go. But I'll call you when it's all done (it's just that I'll be on my way to Seattle by then ...). I think we should take the girls to the aquarium that opened up just down the street for me. Lu's on a huge fish kick right now. :)