Tuesday, March 06, 2007

100 Years of Winter, and Never Christmas!

I planted my first set of seeds on Sunday, and yet I look out my window and almost two feet of snow still lines the driveway. I can hear the White Witch of Narnia cackle in delight. Looking back at the archives, I see that I was going through the same thing a year ago (it snowed in late March then), but dang it, I get so sick of winter by the time March rolls around. And yet there is hope- we break 50 tomorrow, and we hit 65 by Monday. Aslan is on the move!

So I suppose this is my garden journal, week 0. Nothing very interesting in the way of photo opportunities (unless the two feet of snow counts), but in a week my first seedlings (safe in a new outdoor greenhouse) will be peeking out, giving me my first whiff of spring.

Since this is my garden journal I should mention what I planted.
A full flat (48 cells) of coleus (we need to make the front of the house look nice for when we sell it later this year, and lots of coleus gets expensive).
A full flat of basil and oregano.
Half a flat of lettuce and spinach.

I'll wait a few more weeks before I plant other seedlings in the greenhouse like cucumber and peppers.


Cabeza said...

Huzzah for the Webb Garden! Garden Journals are some of my very favorite posts on Salsa Night. I love looking at the pictures, reading the description of what's growing and how you're cultivating it, and aspiring to have my own garden.

I think I will plant this year. The terraces have been ready since the autumn and I think that by next week the temperature will have stabilized a bit and I'll have time to plant on Saturday. My sister is still planning on moving and selling the house, but there's no telling when that will happen.

What should I plant first? What has the greatest likelihood of growing fastest to let me enjoy the harvest before we move?

Nick said...

There are a few things you can plant as soon as it warm enough to work the soil. Lettuce, spinach, brocolli,beets, cabbage, carrots, peas, onions, radishes.

For everything else, wait until the last frost date for your area which a perusal of the "internet" tells me is around the middle of april.

JonnyF said...

The "internet" ... they have that on computers now, huh?

randy said...

Ooh, Nick planted on Sunday! Rebellious little Nickie. That brings up a topic I've wanted to do a post on... Sunday observance. Maybe someday. Maybe somebody can beat me to it.

Nick said...

Randy- I'm on it...

Nick said...

(and didn't you know that anything is ok on Sunday as long as you can sing a hymn while you do it? At least, thats what I told the cashier at burger king last sunday...)

erin said...

I planted some seeds a couple of months ago in pots inside...and they're all dead now. I've ordered some dwarf citrus trees, though, and I'm going to make sure those guys make it. Maybe I'm just not ready to plant things from seeds yet. I know we did it when we were kids and man, we had a great garden. Now I can't get anything better than sprouts. I'll keep trying, though, and someday you guys will all have to lock your doors against my zucchini. :)