Friday, March 23, 2007

Coke Zero

It is not often that an TV advertisement amuses me so much that I remember it. Many are memorable - just in a bad way.

A recent advertisement for Coca-Cola Zero fell into the first category for me. It shows an old man taking a swig of Coca-Cola Zero then said, "Boy, that really takes me back." A younger man in about his early 20s - presumably the man's grandson - says, "Takes you back? To when? Five seconds ago? You've never had that before." The point of the advertisement was that it supposedly tastes the same as regular Coca-Cola. What amused me was the old man, trying to defend his memory, says, "Do you know what the capital of Djibouti is? Do you? It's Djibouti! I have a mind like a steel trap."
This is amusing to me for 5 reasons:
-Djibouti is a really funny sounding word.
-It was a really random thing for the grandfather to say.
-The old man is really funny in general.
-The grandson had a look on his face that implied he thought grandpa was saying something about his butt.
-It made me think of Arabic class back in the day. I suppose you could say it really took me back.

Anyway, I saw it on TV while watching BYU lose in the NCAA basketball tournament. I can't get it out of my head.


Cabeza said...

Ismi! Jared! Ana min Djibouti!

Warren said...

I just saw that commercial watching the Kansas-UCLA game, and what Jared said was going through my mind too. Ana min Djibouti!

(For those of you who aren't Jared, Jon or myself, we took Arabic 101 together. Whenever we had little dialogues and had to say where we were from, we would always say Djibouti because it is a great sounding word, especially when you draw out the "ou" sound, as you should.)

Warren said...

I'm an idiot, I forgot to post this with my last comment.

These and other Sportscenter commercials make me laugh.