Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Lucy woke up from her nap today crying. After about 5 minutes of sobbing in mommy's arms, she stops, looks around and says "Hey! Where did the chicken go?"

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in some of those dreams of hers.


apyknowzitall said...

I would say she gets her crazy dreaming from Aunt April but we aren't genetically related.

I had to look it up since it was so funny and apparently chickens "represent fortune in love, joy and happiness in all aspects of your life."

Next time you guys can tell her that Shadow ate the chicken because it stole her binkie.

Julie C said...

At the end of a kind of rough couple of days (my in-laws are here, I parked illegally and got towed in downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier was in the middle of a snowstorm so we couldn't see anything after driving for over three hours, and I just scrubbed baby spit-up out of our living room carpet at 11:15PM) - this still makes me laugh!

JennyW said...

Julsie, you were towed? Yikes! Hope things are going smoother for the rest of your Carver-fest :)

Alien Master said...

Likely she was having the same dream I always have where you're walking down 4th ave while it's raining flowers when all of the sudden a huge chicken peeps its ugly head over the Macy building and starts chasing me back down 4th. The only way I ever escape is to somehow manage to get into the bus tunnel and take a bus outta there. It's one scary dream, and I usually wake up with a start and look around and think hmmmm no chicken.