Friday, October 31, 2008

Note to self...

Don't read Eric Snider while in the middle of a test question writing phone conference with science professors. Especially if you're on speaker phone.


Jon and Julie said...

Jon has found the mute button to be a valuable tool on the conference calls he's made from home. Mostly to avoid the sound of screaming children, which at our house, sometimes seems completely unavoidable.

Julie C said...

It's not really that bad unless you are wearing a wireless headset and you forget to mute when you go use the restroom. This is based on my experiences listening to the above while on a call. Other interesting noises I've heard include:
-passing gas
-snoring (my favorite)
-other phone calls at the same time
-chewing sounds
-slurping sounds
-construction noises
-blackberry phone static (it sounds more like a loud random beeping and occurs when anyone on a blackberry is not on mute with our conference calling system)

So, compared with that, I'm pretty sure Eric Snider is not so bad.