Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 8: Sabado – Lima

I was up at 5:45 to catch my flight. When I got to Lima I took a cab to the hotel where Jenny, Tom and Destiny were. The cab driver told me he had an American name and showed me his taxi license and it read “Jhony.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him his name wasn’t exactly American as written.

After I got to the hotel we walked to a few little markets. As we were walking to a restaurant we wanted to go to we walked by Huaca Pucllana which are pre-Incan adobe pyramidal-type ruins. They are just hanging out in the middle of the city. It was built between 200 and 700 AD by the people called the Lima and was used for religious purposes by this peaceful people.

We had a good lunch where they gave us purple corn juice for free since it was our last day in Peru. Tom, Jenny and I went to the catacombs in the San Francisco cathedral, which were amazing, but we couldn’t take pictures. A bunch of the bones were nicely arranged in patterns. The catacombs were below this church and used until 1821 and somewhere between 25,000 to 70,000 people were buried here.

We passed by this colorful neighborhood on the way.

We then walked around some plazas next to the catacombs.

On the way to the catacombs we saw this guy on his bike.

We walked down a street to catch a taxi with shops on either side. I don’t remember this happening, but Tom caught it on camera.

We ate dinner at Pardo’s Chicken by our hotel that had some amazing chicken. We then stocked up on goodies before heading back and going to bed. The Marriott was right on the Pacific Ocean and we had a great view.

Domingo – Home
We were up around three in the morning and headed to the airport, flew through Bogota and then back to DC. We were only in Bogota for a short time, but we had to go through security after getting off the plane to head to the terminal for our connecting flight. Then we had to go through security again right after the first checkpoint. We had to go through yet a third time before we got on the plane. But my favorite part of the airport was the bathroom. The individual stalls did not have toilet paper, there was just a big dispenser on the outside.

At Dulles the shuttle we got on after we landed was blocked in by a plane so we were stuck on the shuttle for a while. I then got held up at customs. Then it took a while to get to our car since we didn’t know exactly where it was. Then none of the toll booths worked and it took forever before we could get out. Finally we made it home and crashed. It was by far the most work I had ever done on a vacation, but it was worth every last bit.

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Warren said...

I should say that looking over this more than half the pictures come from Tom (which is why he isn't in a lot of them).

We took over 3,000 pictures between us and it was hard to choose which ones to put in, I left out all sorts of other ones that are just as the ones included here.