Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Lost Post

I think Lost has become my new favorite show. I have a few comments/questions to bounce of people who watch it. If you aren't caught up, there are some spoilers here.

I'm almost positive Jin is dead, despite what others think. Suppose he managed to get off the freighter before it blew up and survived. The Oceanic 6 didn't see him in the water, so what happened to him? He was further out than the helicopter and the freighter disappeared from the view of the island so he didn't go with the island to wherever/whenever it went. So if he wasn't in the water or with the island, I say he's dead. I wish he weren't, but people die on the show all the time, and if I remember right usually before new characters come along.

Pierre Chang in this video yells about the baby, and then in the premier is with a baby. Is the baby significant or just there?

They had better bring Walt back in an awesome way. He's one of my favorites and I want to know what makes him special. I was thinking that since Ben gave him permission to leave he wouldn't have to come back, but Ben gave Kate and Sayyid permission to leave and they have to go back, so I don't think my theory works. Why isn't Ben concerned about bringing him back?

I was sold on the idea that Ben and Widmore were constants, which was why he didn't kill him. But if Ben is banished from the island, why would he need a constant? Can he still move through time?

Is Charlotte Ben's friend Annie when he was young who moved to England before the purge?

Does Vincent play a role, or is he just a dog?

Any other thoughts?


Warren said...

I also meant to add I think Ben is like Snape. He isn't necessarily good or bad, he's out for himself.

Warren said...

I had another thought today. Is Pierre's baby Miles? Is that why Miles has those abilities and knows Charlotte was on the island before?

apyknowzitall said...

First of all... Ben is freaking awesome. I agree that Jin is dead and will be sorely disappointed if they somehow bring him back but would not be surprised if they brought him back ala Ana Lucia or Charlie. (Those are, what else can I say, cool.) If they would bring anyone back I would wish it would be Mr. Ecko but I have to admit, if they resurrect anyone it would still be disappointing.

I'll have to get back to you on the vid as the sound card in my comp isn't working.

Honestly, Walt was more or less a side note for me. Granted I haven't rewatched any of the seasons so I could be missing something. Perhaps since Sayyid, Kate, Sawyer and the others left as a group that could have something to do with it. Or he already served some strange purpose we don't know about yet so Ben could care less about him. As is usually the case with Ben.

It never occurred to me that Ben and Widmore were constants although that is a really good theory. After seeing Fionnula Flanagan again last night, I'm sure she has a bigger part to play with Ben's connection with the island/time travel etc.

Love the Charlotte/Annie theory. I've been waiting for them to explore Annie's role more.

I'm convinced Vincent is still a dog and his purpose was probably just to keep Shannon happy, until she met her untimely death

All I know is that 1. I'm so glad there is a definite end to this madness that is Lost. 2. And when it does end, everything will somehow tie together.

Nick said...

We finally watched episode 1 of season 1 last night.

Warren said...

Nick, be prepared to be sucked in. The closest comparison I can make is Harry Potter in the sense there are many characters, you have to be ready for death and surprises, the plot can get complicated and sometimes you don't know who is good or bad.

I watched the first three seasons in about 6-8 weeks. It was about all I did at the beginning of the semester last year.

apyknowzitall said...

Exactly but I have two major gripes... well three come to think of it, about the series so far.
1. I'm still mad they wasted an entire episode around Rodrigo Santoro and that one chick (google it, can't remember the title) although the ending was cool. 2. They killed off Mr. Ecko who was, for all intents and purposes as bad ass as they come and 3. Jack used to be one of my favorites but he's really become irritating. I honestly can't put my finger on it. (Boy I'm really into counting aren't I?)