Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Little Levity

In the interest of leisure, levity, and promoting independent arts, here are a few links to videos online that have been brought to my attention in recent weeks:

Charlie the Unicorn is just under four minutes. It deals with Charlie's reluctantly sought quest for the mythical Candy Mountain. Among other things, he is led along the way by a magical liopleurodon.

Glad I Got a Sword Today is a series of three short films done by BYU students. It's definitely a comedy, but it's surprisingly well done and well thought-out. Highly entertaining. Please be sure to watch all three episodes. The students won second place in an online contest for it!

I have been aware of for a few years now. Every year they host a contest that requires submitters to create 90-second films. Not all of them are great, but several are quite enjoyable and well made. Some are comedies, some are dramas. Some are animations, some are live-action. My favorites include:

Geoff, World Destroyer
Le Cheval 2.1
How to Tell When a Relationship is Over
Terrance Eats Knowledge
Taking Care of Loved Ones
and of course:



Nick said...

I liked the relationship one, and the BYU films. Very well done.

Warren said...

I'm not sure what Jared was thinking when he forgot to put this one on the list:
Rent a person