Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Year Resolutions Kept So Far

So, I realized today that I've been pretty good about keeping one of my resolutions: every night I write down one memorable thing that Lucy did/said that day on a calendar.

The idea is that as each month finishes I'll then make one (and only one) scrapbook-like page with my favorite photos from the past month. Then I'll put it in the calendar above the appropriate month. So in a year I should have a book of Lucy memories and photos that I can show her when she's 13 and thinks I don't love her at all. As I was re-reading January's entries I was so proud of myself for completing the month--and since I know you're dying to hear what she's been up to, here's a sampling (I know, I know, blatent parental pride, but some of it was kind of funny).

5 Jan. 07: Favorite Game of the Day: Hide. (no seeking yet.) Lucy loves to go to the side of the bed by the closet and duck down on the floor ...

12 Jan. 07: Lucy discovered fry sauce at Carl Jr.'s during dinner. She liked it so much she took the container and started to drink it down!

22 Jan. 07: Lucy threw up 10 times in 6 hours this evening.

28 Jan. 07: At the auditions for the Messiah, Daddy asked Lucy why she was so good at the church and so "bad" (i.e. tantrum-prone) at home. She responded: "Jesus."

See, it's really not much--it's resolutions like that that I actually keep :)


Nick said...

My two resolutions were:
1.) Write in my online journal at least once a week. I've done this so far. I actually started this last October, and now that I go back and read what I wrote back then I find that I can remember what happens in my life, as opposed to normally not remembering what I did last week. The reason I had always failed at this in the past is that whenever I started my journal writing I would always try to write something meaningful and substantive, and then give up after a few days. Now my strategy is to write just barebones what I did that day or that week, and if anything deep or meaningful creeps in, then all the better. This way I spend just a few minutes writing as opposed to 20- much less pressure and I'm far more likely to continue.

2.) Go to the gym "several" times a week. I want to go everyday, but the goal is "several" which gets me off the hook if I only manage to go twice a week. I'm about 50% on this one.

Julie C said...

I think Lucy's mom could make a resolution to learn to make her pigtails straight. :) But seriously, I actually didn't make any resolutions this year - which was kind of a resolution in itself. Lest you think I go through life without goals though, here are a couple:

1. When I say or think something unflattering or even downright mean about someone, I have to think of something nice and mean it.

2. Keep trying even at the things I am frustrated with (a) my job and (b) my not-so-in-shape self

3. Improve my communication with my spouse - this involves more thought and planning than I am used to.

And now that you're all thinking how great my goals are...well, I'm doing okay at #1, but 2 & 3 are still hard. Last night I was next-door at a baby shower until almost midnight, and Dan didn't notice our car in the parking lot, so he had already called my mom cuz he was worried. Oops!