Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Great Moments in Pointer History: Video Edition

Long story short, the Brothers Gillins and I made a video called "Pointers for Beginners."

To better understand the premise, watch this one first and read the blurbs beneath the video.


Nick said...



So reading about the origins of Unibrow inc. reminded me of that one FHE when we had show and tell, and Warren brought his beloved duck doll Wetzel (or was it wendell?), and told a touching story of how it was his favorite toy growing up, when in fact he found Wetzel just moments before. I don't know why this reminded me of that.

These were hilarious. Did the pointer one win too?

The Shark said...

I forgot to mention the results of the "Pointers" premiere.

There weren't any "real" awards, at least not in the sense of 1st Place, etc. It was more like the pinewood derby, how they make up awards like "Best Batmobile Look-Alike," which really says nothing about the quality of the car OR its individuality (since it doesn't really look like the Batmobile, nor do any of the other cars). It's just a way to recognize everyone's efforts and give in to fears of making children have to learn what competition is.

We got "Best Infomercial," which, like the comparison above, is an inadequate award since a) it WASN'T an infomercial -- it was a training video; b) although we got a mini Academy Award statue, so did everyone else, and it says nothing about how we actually did.

What DOES say how we actually did is the fact that the MC approached us later and said that he saved our video to be shown last because it was by far the best. We also had many other people tell us it was their favorite by far. Honestly, though, the competition was slim. And I say that not to boast my own skills, but rather to express how horrifyingly unwatchable most of the other videos were. There were only one or two others that made me laugh at least once during the films' entirety.

So, HAD there been a First Place, I am confident that we would have won it.

Lesson Learned: Keep the video shorter than longer, avoid dating jokes, avoid Mormon culture jokes (the last two items being the most cliche implemented in YSA film festivals), and don't be afraid to show Warren shirtless.

The Shark said...

P.S. If you go to the root of the URL that Warren links to, you will go to the main page of my website where you'll find the menu that links to all the videos I have posted thus far. Just thought I'd put in a plug since the secret's out. www.TheSharkByte.com

Nick said...

I just saw Unibrow 1. I am generally in favor of large choreographed musical scenes, especially in training videos. And those scenes of you strutting down the street were awesome. As were the 5 different shots of Warren's various hairstyles.

Warren said...

Yes it was Wetzel, good memory. I found him beside a dumpster on the way over. I kept waiting for Jared to bring it up as I was talking about him, but he never did so I went with it. We also called him "dumpster duck."