Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Waxing nostalgic

I've been doing much better lately at living in the present and not pining for the past or longing for the future so much, but there are some things I miss:

--Jon's rants, from why the BYU All Sports Pass policy is dumb, to why he hates rainbow-chip frosting (or was it rainbow chip cake mix?)

--Making fun of Nick for waxing the floor yet again, realizing that I too had homework that I didn't want to do, and offering to help

--Banding together in harsh conditions (no heat)

--Warming up on 35's couch because 18's heat didn't work all winter

--35. Those girls were the best--we never found another apartment like them

--Performing "Toast" in the original trio

--Freestyle walking with Jon

--Singing barbershop

--Banding together in harsh conditions (weird roommate (Darryl))

--Ultimate Frisbee in between General Conference sessions

--Jenny doing improv storytelling on the piano

--Banding together in harsh conditions (weird roommate (Brett))

--Making salsa with Nick
-on official Salsa Nights
-on random late nights with too many habaƱeros, then staying up sweating and watching reruns of Cheers and Taxi

--Making faces at Katie

--Banding together in harsh conditions (no toaster)

--Parley and his great conversions


Nick said...

I remember Brett was really annoying, but I can't remember why.


Also- hurry and remove that memory of me waxing before Jenny sees it.

JennyW said...

Too late--Nick is totally busted.

That's a great list Jared :) I miss pretending I knew how to play ultimate out on that field, fun FHEs (not that they're not fun with Lu and Nick, but they're a lot quieter), and having a ward choir that could handle four part harmony. Oh I miss that one a lot ...

Warren said...

I miss Angus Ron.*

I miss the piling into Alaina's or Becky's car with a tall skinny man in the middle ("I've been in the backseat...")

Starting our Trivial Pursuit edition.

The beginnings of Toast, both in massive consumption and the song.

Planting the garlic and onion in 35's flower pot and then voluteering to water it.

*He wasn't that bitter.

Amy Jean said...

you only used us for our heat!
oh wait...we were the best weren't we? right back at ya 18.

warren-you did what? did we know about that? i guess i can forgive you since you didn't finish that quote...:)

I miss piling onto the random blue chair outside of 35. I miss FHE and the Robs (esp. dress like Rob Hardy night).
I miss the quote of the week, and the hidden quotes of the week. I miss trivial pursuit (except the best edition ever is the 10th Anniversary one--you all must get it). I miss walking back to 35 from 18 midnight and seeing the "Hons" sitting in the hallway outside of 28. (Brandon and Tanya Bomsta).
I don't miss being cut off in mid sentence at the dot of 6:30pm when the Simpsons came on. Although come to think of it-that still happens since Ry is a huge fan.

I really miss our brat fests.

"Friends don't let friends live in Southridge". Well, sorry Jared. But I have to disagree. Friends aren't true friends unless they have lived in Southridge. Thanks for all the good times people.

JonnyF said...

I had forgotten many of these. Good times. I will add a few more:

- Ward talent shows including the chicken joke, “Yeah Toast”, “18 Wheels on a Big Rig”, and Star Wars/ nose flute medley.

- Bringing cinnamon toast to the ward potluck and telling people it was a Mexican recipe.

- Running with Nick, or Jared, or Warren.

- Having Nick, Jared, or Warren, egg me on with my rants.

- Egging Jared on with his rants about yogurt, blue M&M’s, etc.

- Sitting next to Nick in Elder’s Quorum and heckling Jared when he was trying to teach.

- Our awesome kitchen appliances (garbage disposal that didn’t dispose garbage, barbie sized dishwasher, freezer that didn’t freeze even though the refrigerator froze the milk).

- Watching “The Simpsons”, “Seinfeld”, or listening to “Mr. Obvious” on Warren’s laptop.

- Arabic class

- “Beyond good. Beyond evil. Beyond your wildest imagination.”

- “Quotation” “marks”

- Pirate Jokes

- Doing Linear Algebra homework with Warren during FHE.

- Watching Jared in his plays.

- Reading Dave Barry

- Convincing Nick to read Dave Barry instead of doing his take-home final.

- Duct tape wars

- Hanging out at Apartments 35, 21, 384, 326, 330 at various times.

- Combat rolls

- Playing Phase 10 with Doug and Marianne even though I despise the game itself.

And just for the record. I have no problem with rainbow chip cake. It’s the frosting I have a problem with. And it’s not really much of a rant – I have the same problem with rainbow chip frosting as I do with mayonnaise: I think it tastes gross and so I am really annoyed when people say they love it because I suspect that people are more influenced by the, um, flashy looks rather than the actual taste. I guess I’ll have to work on that one a little bit before I convince anyone.