Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Company X Unmasked!

For some who have been doggedly harassing me to reveal the identity of company X (the company with which I interviewed 5 times), your long wait is finally over!
The reason I waited to tell anybody is because I had a fun way I was going to announce it. You see, working at company X was my dream job. I was going to wait until April 1st, and announce that I had finally been offered my dream job and list all the things that is great about the job and how it lined up perfectly with my "perfect job" that I had in mind for years. Well, those jack-holes chose someone else a few weeks ago and it has taken me this long to get over it and let it go. So, with no further adieu, I give you my dream job:

Location: West Maui
Company: Maui Preparatory Academy (a private school)
Job: Start up the AP physics and AP calculus programs there. Small classes (under 10), many mandatory field trips (like to Boston, San Fran, Japan, etc.), I would get to build the lab equipment, possibly teach another class like astronomy, chemistry, etc., be a mentor to a group of about 10 kids, school is about 5 blocks from the beach...
Other Perks: I would get to coach cross country and track. Lucy could attend private school (starting at preschool) for FREE. Jenny would have been able to teach a few senior English or Literature classes part-time. I could have led clubs like the astronomy clubs (taking trips to the HUGE telescopes on the big island), ultimate club, etc..

I'm still blinking back tears as I write this.

The only draw-back was housing expenses, but I've been tracking the housing market there for 4 months now, and it has dropped along with the rest of the country, so we might have been able to buy a tiny house there. Tiny would be ok there since the weather is such that your yard becomes an extension of the house.

And just think of the garden I could have had! Year round tomatos, lettuce, onions, carrots.... just about year round EVERYTHING.

And then the whole joke on April fools day is that everyone would have thought it was a joke! And then, on April 2nd, I'd fess up and say something like "Ok, ok! Aprils fools! Just kidding! I really won't be able to coach Ultimate Frisbee there since they don't even have a team!" And everyone would be like "Uh... so it wasn't an april fools joke?" and I'd be all "Boo-ya!".

Curse you company X! Ruined a perfectly good April fools joke.


Randall said...

My condolences.
I'm sure something will turn up. It's not like I'm praying that you'll only get a [good] job in Texas...

Nick said...

I would love a good job in Texas too.

apyknowzitall said...

Hey look on the bright side. The crazy games we all play would be even fewer and more in between than they are now. Not to mention you wont have to spray for termites every other year.

(I know they're lame reasons)

Liz said...

That would have been the coolest job ever! I am so sorry you didn't get it, I could just see you doing all that and getting a tan, and being very happy there! Plus you could see all the Sakuma's whenever you wanted! Crap, now I can't come and visit you there.