Sunday, March 29, 2009

Elizabeth's Point of View

My sister posted something on her blog about some of the hilarious antics of her 2 year old son. This inspired us to compile a short list of some of the funny things Elizabeth has said lately. She just turned 3 a few weeks ago, by the way.

A few weeks ago, Katie was reading a book to Beth. The book was about a little fish that learned how to share and be nice so he could make friends. Katie asked her, "Do you know how to share?" Elizabeth said, "No." Then Katie said, "Maybe if we learn how to share, we will be able to make more friends." Elizabeth said, "Mommy, I not a fish."
The day after Timothy’s birthday, Katie noticed Elizabeth playing with the salad bowl. Elizabeth had crayons in the bowl and was using the salad servers to "toss" the crayons. Katie assumed that she was pretending to make a salad and said, "What are you making?" Beth answered, "Making treats for Timmy’s birfday." Katie said, "That’s nice of you, what kind of treats are you making?" Elizabeth said, "Timmy likes to eat crayons." So here Katie thought she was pretending, when Beth was actually preparing crayons to feed to Timmy, which he really does like to eat.
Sometimes Elizabeth talks back to Katie using the same language Katie uses. She sometimes says, "Mommy, you driving me crazy!"
Elizabeth out of the blue one day said, "Daddy, I a little bit scared." We know she knows what "scared" means because she told us she was scared of Santa Claus. On Christmas morning, she wouldn’t go downstairs because we told her that Santa had brought presents. She remembered Santa Claus from the Ward Christmas Party and my work Christmas party – in both instances she wouldn’t even look at him because he was so terrifying. Anyway, I was genuinely concerned when I said, "What are you scared of?" She said, "I a little bit afraid." I said, "What are you afraid of?" (I was a little impressed that she knows both words.) She said, "I afraid of elephants." Katie and I raised our eyebrows and looked at each other and at her without saying anything for a few seconds. Katie said, "What do you mean?" Elizabeth repeated, "I afraid of elephants." Then Katie said, "Where are the elephants? Did you see an elephant?" Beth said, "Elephants outside." Katie said, "Then I guess we’ll just stay inside." Beth said, "Okay," apparently satisfied. What’s even stranger is that she will tell us that she is afraid of elephants every few days. Each time she is satisfied with either, "Let’s stay inside then," or "Elephants are our friends." She has seen elephants on videos, but she has seen a live elephant once. They were doing elephant rides at the greenhouse/nursery about a year ago and we stopped to look at the elephant. Elizabeth was definitely afraid of the elephant then, but it really surprises us that she remembers and that she brings it up so often

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Warren said...

My 14 month niece loves elephants. She carries around a Horton stuffed animal and was mesmerized by them at the zoo.