Thursday, March 16, 2006

Toast Post

I love toast
Toast I love
I hope it’s up
In Heaven above

Toast is tan
And warm and crumbly
It makes me smile
When it hits my tumbly

Pat on the butter
Pile on the honey
Toast is great
When you have no money

When my stomach
Starts to grumble
I take out the toaster
And try not to bumble

Up pops my toast
All nice and hot
I dance the toast dance
And my turkey trot

Try toast with jam
It doesn’t hurt
Raspberry, strawberry

In the morning
Or afternoon
I eat my toast
Without a spoon

Eat toast early
Or snack toast late
Whenever it’s there
Toast is great

Oh toast, oh toast!
I just must boast
From coast to coast
That I love toast
Above all roast
And candy ghost
I still love toast
The very most

This post was prompted by my continuing love affair with toast. I just find it fascinating that exposing perfectly decent soft bread to heat and turning it into something crispy utterly transforms the humble slice of bread into a delicious meal or substantive snack. Case in point: yesterday, between the drive down to Provo and back and teaching and all, I just never found time to heat up my lunch and eat it. When I arrived home I was quite hungry and therefore a little feisty. A slice of toast later and I was able to function as a normal, loving human being. Amazing!


Nick said...

This does not bode well for experimental dinner night tonight....