Sunday, June 18, 2006

Garden Journal, Week 11

Yay, the blanket flower is starting to bloom. These last twp weeks have seen explosive growth in the garden. We're eating peas, zucchini, lettuce, basil, parsley, oregano, green onions, and in a few days crookneck squash.

The tiny green tomatos from two weeks ago are now getting quite large. Some of the bigger ones should be ready in two weeks or so. We have over 30, and it seems like every plant is average 10 baby tomatos (so far) so we should be in for quite a harvest. All that shaking is paying off.

Two weeks ago we only had zucchini flowers, now each plant has at least 3 large zucchinis growing. That plant is amazing. if only we could think of some more recipes to put it in.

The cherry tomato plants are getting HUGE. Each of them already have hundreds of flowers and dozens of tomatos, and they're still getting bigger...

The peppers. Several of them have tiny baby peppers on them- especially the sweet cherry peppers.

The potatos are getting tall, and are about to bloom. Soon after that they'll die off, and the tubers will develop underground. We'll have a nice initial harvest of "new" potatos, followed by hopefully quite a few large potatos in the fall.

Our squash plants are getting monstrous. I've never grown it this big. I guess the biweekly applications of the water soluble fertilizer is really helping. On of these as a little crookneck growing on it.

In a week or so the cucumbers should be getting their first flowers. Since we have so many, and they are usually very prolific, we are going to harvest them young and try making pickles.

The corn is up to my waist now. We've been having consistently sunny weather in the 90's, which the corn love.

Our fall harvest of corn is also coming along nicely.

And I figured the garden would make a nice final resting place for Maggy. She would always try and break in anyway and eat my tomatos, so I figured she would like it there.