Sunday, June 11, 2006


Today (Sunday, 11 June) is Nick's birthday. He has officially rounded the corner of "mid twenties" and is on his way to thirty. If we were filthy rich (or even just stinkin' rich) I would have flown you all out for a surprise party, but as we are currently not rich, the best I can do at the moment is to open this post--if you would like to add a birthday wish, feel free. If you would like to add a snide comment about Nick's aging process, feel free :)

HBN! (Happy Birthday Nick!)


Jared said...

I think that HB_ should be the new catch phrase for wishing people happy birthday. This month on the 27th I'm just going to call my mother and say "HBM!"

Maybe not.

Happy birthday, Nick! I hope you got what you wanted.

Say hi to Anubis for me.

morgan said...

You know, I think I enjoy birthdays more as I get older. Not that the presents are more exciting, no, I think I enjoy looking back and enjoying the good memories. Not that I'm that old or anything, but it's nice to think about how much I've enjoyed the life that I have lived so far.

So Happy Birthday Nick. Any words of wisdom for the group that you could share in your old age?

JonnyF said...

Happy Birthday from me, too. Don't worry too much about looking old, you've looked old for many years now. (Total burn!)

Nick said...

Words of wisdom from an old man to his young whippersnapper friends (even those of you who are older than me):

1. If you ever wax your back, never let your wife/girlfriend do it. As they rip off the strips, all the little grudges they have against you will suddenly surface, making them pull a little more slowly (and thus more painfully).

2. Don't congratulate women who you think might be pregnant, even if you heard it from a reliable source.

3. Cheap old cars usually end up being more expensive than nice new cars.

and 4. Saying HBM to an elderly mother can just as easily be interpreted as "Happy Bowel Movement!!!"

Thanks all. My birthday was everything I wanted it to be. Nay, more.
Anubis and his pantheon salute you Jared.
JonnyF- Yeah, it kinda sucked whenever the two of us were out in public and people would ask me what grade my son was in. (I know I got myself with that too, but it was worth it.)

erin said...

Happy birthday from Wyoming, too, Nick. If I could give you the presidency, I would...on a few conditions. :)