Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2008, ain't it great?

So I was perusing the web and found this interesting page.

It's a political page with a bunch of different resources on it, but the one that interested me was the page listing presidential candidates for 2008. It lists all the candidates that have registered so far and has an individual page for the top ones giving a summary of the candidate. It seems to be a fairly non-partisan page and a good resource to learn about the major candidates out there.

There's actually quite a few people running that I wasn't aware of. Apparently the republican party has both michael the archangel and god running on their ticket (they happen to be the same person in the form of Michael Jesus Archangel) and the democrats have the returned christ on their side (who goes by the name of Randolph W. "Randy" Crow; click here if you want to read his easter message). Who will win? It should be quite the exciting race.


Nick said...

Oh, in case you didn't notice, I put up a news feed of all the newspaper articles about Mitt Romney's campaign. I'm not trying to endorse him or anything, I just think all might be interested in how his candidacy (and his religion) is being covered. And- I think he'll make a great president.

morgan said...

I hadn't noticed that. I actually found that page when I was looking up stuff on Mitt Romney. I wanted to see what was being said about him.

Nick said...

While we're in this linking frenzy of ours, I just wanted to point at a rather humorous post at Eric Snider's site. I love the map.

Cabeza said...

I love the link, Morgan. I too was unaware of many of the people in the running, both on the Republican and Democratic tickets.

The best part was reading all of the "also running" bios. Messrs. Archangel and Crow were probably the best, but there were several other entertaining nuts to read about.

Good Snyder find, Nick. I loved the map, as well as the description of Kansas and its well maintained toll roads. Having driven across Kansas, I add my witness.