Thursday, February 01, 2007

Great Moments in Pointer History I

Jared and I have talked about starting a blog about great pointer moments, but decided instead to put said moments on Salsanight. I do not claim that this is the first great moment in pointer history, as there have been many that have preceded it, rather this is the first one to be posted on the aforementioned Salsanight.

Over Christmas break I visited some relatives in Ohio that I hadn’t seen in over 15 years. We first visited my one aunt who doesn’t even have indoor plumbing, she’s still going strong with the outhouse. But no pointers were involved there. We then went to my other relative’s house (My dad’s mom’s mom’s brother’s daughter, so I’m not sure what she is to me). In 2002 she moved from her old house (which also lacked indoor plumbing) to a newer house. My brother Stephen and I went exploring in the old house, which looked like it was about to fall over. As we were trying to go to the attic, we were thwarted by cobwebs. After a futile effort by Stephen to try to clear the webs, I the older, wiser brother stepped in. I extended my pointer and stuck a rag on the end and cleared the stairway in no time. We then could safely go to the attic with having to worry about and cobwebs getting in our way.


Nick said...

My ward choir teacher, who is 74 and rides horses, uses a pointer to conduct both the choir, and priesthood meeting. Everytime he whips it out, I chuckle and think of my pointing friends.