Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In the News

Ancient Salsa:

Inhabitants of the New World had chili peppers and the makings of taco chips 6,100 years ago…. Upcoming questions on the research agenda -- and this is not a joke -- include: Did they have salsa?
Driver of the year:

A 79-year-old motorist in Sweden who hadn't driven to town in more than 40 years told a court he was stunned to discover that the country had switched from left to right-hand traffic -- in 1967.


Jenny said...

Sometimes driving at night I feel confused. Things might have changed in the dark ...

JonnyF said...

It's one thing to not drive for 40 years, but you don't have to drive to notice which side of the road people are driving on. This man apparently hadn't been in a car on a road or even seen cars on the road in the last 40 years. I wonder how he kept his license current.
On a different note. Where do they come up with these "word verfication" words. They seem to always be heavy on Z's and X's. It forces me to type unnatural letter sequences that my hand isn't used to.