Monday, February 05, 2007

No Ordinary Post

I'm not sure if any of you frequent Times and Seasons (a blog run by a bunch of Mormon academics and lawyers), but I really liked this post. The last paragraph made me think. He mentions things we can do to make sure the important, extraordinary people in our lives do not become commonplace tools, one of which is eating meals together. It reminded me of Salsa night- not the blog, but the actual night where we all got together and talked and laughed. It was a common thing we did, but those days will stand out as among the most memorable, yet ordinary experiences I've had. Not to be sacreligious, but it draws my mind to the sacrament, our weekly communal meal. Maybe thats why I love cooking and eating so much- its one way for me to put the ordinary people around me into an ordinary situation that magically becomes a communal (and unmistakably life-sustaining) experience. In our fast, oft-times disconnected world, a meal is often the only time we have to really talk, communicate and commune with each other.

So in other words, if I'm ever rich, expect plane tickets in the mail for a yearly salsa night.