Thursday, May 18, 2006

An Added Insight

I take back any previous remarks that could possibly be interpreted as sarcastic involving the use of toothbrushes.

I've been spring cleaning the house lately in an attempt to get it clean enough that when my mother visits in the end of June she won't even be tempted to think that she needs to clean anything. If I can achieve this desired effect, then I believe I will have moved one step closer to full-fledged adulthood. (I always feel like I'm fourteen again whenever she visits and notices dirt/disorder--she doesn't really say anything, but the eyes, the eyes ... they give her away. For those of you who have "cleanliness is next to and possibly right above godliness" mothers, you know what I mean.)

Anyway, I'm just about done with the upstairs. After my aforementioned experience with enrichment last month, I decided that maybe I should give the toothbrush-as-cleaning-tool a try since it was so highly touted by our visiting cleaning representative. Wow. I really am impressed. The humble little toothbruth removes dirt from the most unlikely and inaccessible places. So I thought I'd let y'all know that despite any prior semi-sarcasm regarding the toothbrush I have been converted. It's a happy story all around.

Now if the toothbrush could only help me figure out what I can make for dinner ...


Jared said...

Alas, in this last task the toothbrush would only tell you to make sure that whatever you serve, it ought to have low sugar content.

erin said...

Someday I hope to have a t-shirt that says "I take back any previous remarks that could possible be interpreted as sarcastic involving the use of toothbrushes." Jenny, m'gi'l, I'm glad I know you.

As things stand now, my prize t-shirt is one that says "Don't make me tackle you!" that Morgan and Alison gave me. When I finally have to retire that one, I'm going to have it framed or something.