Friday, May 19, 2006

In other news:

I have a girlfriend.

I just wanted to announce this because it seems rather monumental to me. I haven't "dated" someone in 37 months. What's more, I haven't "dated" someone who wasn't a rebound in... er, 43 months.

So in the interest of celebrating new and rare occasions, I make this post. Her name is Velora and she's from Texas. She served in Longbeach, CA and speaks Spanish, French, and a bit of Polish. She did her undergrad in Geography at BYU and did a one-year masters program in Eastern European Studies (hence the Polish) at the University of Birmingham in England. Now she is in my ward in Alexandria, Virginia, and she's crazy about me (which continually comes as a surprise to me).

That's all, really. Just wanted to share the love. Updates will come as needed.



Nick said...

Velora. That sounds very exotic.

Jared said...

You bet!

erin said...

That's fantastic, Jared! She sounds like quite a find.

Jenny said...

Congrats Jared--her name reminds me of the color purle and the texture of velvet. I trust she's not a fuzzy purple people eater ... :)