Thursday, October 18, 2007

You're It

Muriel over at Her Own Private Idaho Too tagged me (I've never been tagged before--I feel pretty special :)

4 random things about me
1. My left knee has been creaking lately. It's really loud.
2. I think naps are a really good idea for adults but I hardly ever take them. I would like to begin a new napping habit.
3. I have a scar just below my right thumb where I was pricked by a particularly pernicious rose thorn when I was 21 and it's never gone away.
4. I secretly want to take an improv comedy class/workshop. Really, really bad.

4 favorite jobs that I have had
1. teaching literature at BYU
2. editor (among other things) at Scandinavian Studies
3. summer office temp for a company where all I had to do was sit at the front desk of an office no one ever came in. I could read whatever I wanted. I made my way through a book every few days. It was my dream job.
4. musical theater accompanist (BYU)

4 places that I have lived
1. Sandy, Utah
2. Montevideo, Uruguay
3. Provo, Utah
4. Bellevue, Washington

4 TV shows that I watch (on DVD for me ...)
1. Whatever's on at the gym when I'm bored of the cd in my 1996 discman
2. Everbody Loves Raymond
3. Scrubs
4. The Original Star Trek

4 places that I have been on vacation
1. London
2. Paris
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. Disneyland

4 favorite foods
1. Butternut squash soup
2. Chicken masala curry (the thai kind)
3. Rosemary and sea salt crusty rolls
4. Eggs

4 websites that I visit
1. (latest addiction)

People that I want to tag
1. JulieC
2. Amy Jean
3. All
4. y'all (I'm lazy--but if it sounds like fun for you, put up a post)


Julie C said...

so, if you tag us, can we still post on salsanight, or do we have to have our own blogs?

Nick said...

I think this counts as your own blog if you don't have a personal one.